A citizen platform boosted by great ideas.

Here, we share, we work together and we build a world which is a little more open!

We believe that an idea, no matter how small it may be, deserves to be explored, palpated and confronted. And if it becomes a project, it must have access to the best collaborative tools in order to be more efficient.

The resources are often so difficult to bring together, same as maintaining the motivation intact or finding the funds, that we have had the will to give a major boost to the smallest sparkles of genius.

Our commitment is to preserve this access, totally free, for all our altruistic intents. Every idea are welcomed, provided that their collaboration or their achievement contribute just a little bit to a better world.

From the very beginning (that has nothing to do).

To the end that you know already.

The volunteers

Daniel Sum

Full stack Developer

Stephan Zych

Front-End Developer

Jihad R'Baiti

Data Analyst

Vi Dang Vu

Project Manager

Thibault Charpentier


Hervé Jungblut

Art Director

Agnès Kurzweil

Communication Officer

Diana Cornescu


Christophe Devlamincq


Julien De Wilde

Front-End Developer

Antonella Lacatena

Communication Officer

We are looking for

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